Rooting T-mobile’s Comet aka Huawei IDEOS U8150

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Now that my netbook has been shipped to Tennessee for nerds to get their grubby hands on a girl’s stuff, I was ecstatic to find my shiny, new Comet waiting for me at the end of the day (WIFI, I❤ you!). Exciting, as this would be my first phone ever with WiFi! Plus, I love Swype.

It is a bit slow so I figured I would root it since “it’s so easy.” I found these instructions on how to flash a rom onto my android device:
[Huawei IDEOS U8150 ROM] tilal6991’s Simplistic ROM branched from Quail’s

It talks about how to root it and get it ready for flashing: Huawei Ideos Super FAQ, including the Ultrakiller Full download.

What I really only ended up needing was the rooting software: z4root.apk.

I wish I figured this out sooner. I also downloaded a few of the apps from 12 Must Have Android Apps which helps to manage bloat ware, endless searching for 3g, and cpu overlcocking etc.

Before this epiphany, most of my time was spent trying to hold down the green button, the volume down button, while also turning on the power button all at the same time just to get into recovery mode.

Getting into bootloader mode was also confusing since the phone seemed to “freeze” on the t-mobile startup screen when really that was just what it looked like. Bootloader mode looks like a frozen T-mobile startup screen! Just so every other noob knows.

I am going to go now and try to contemplate if paying $1.49 for bloat-ware-app freezing is worth it. And yes, I have already thought about putting tape on that panel that always ends up sticking up within less than a week.

15 thoughts on “Rooting T-mobile’s Comet aka Huawei IDEOS U8150

    • thanks for your comment! the link to the apps list seemed useful at first, but I ended up only using a few of them. Most notably, SetCpu and the Overclock widget seemed to sabotage each other (instead of working together as I had hoped).

  1. You saved me a lot of time with this thanks. What a great little phone! My first touch screen or android phone and I love it. Got it for only A$79 via virgin

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